Important Notice! April 9 2021

We will NOT be accepting any new orders for the time being due to a devastating fire at the workshop.

We have damage to a lot of our equipment and have lost most of our inventory that we had in stock. We are attempting to notify those customers that have current orders with us at this time.

PLEASE be patient with us as we have a lot to do, clean-up, rebuild, start over. We will keep this page updated as to when we will be accepting new orders again.

Thank you so much for the business you have been sending our way, it IS what sustains us.

Please pray for us in this time of trial.

Sincerely, Bill & Becky Keeler

UPDATE April 21

We have done a lot of clean-up. This was not a total loss as the fire was mostly confined to one corner of the shop although smoke and heat damage was throughout. We found out that most of our machinery was still functional although parts such as plastic covers and shields were melted and need replacing. All of the finished product was stored in the corner where the fire was. Most of the handles were burned away to varying degrees. We have been able to remove all the old handles from the throwing tomahawk heads, we re-heat treated the heads and have put new handles in. We are still working on re-furbishing all the knives we had in stock. We are not yet doing any new forging or taking new orders yet. We are trying to balance getting the damaged stock refurbed, cleaning and repairing the shop, and getting out a couple important orders as we are able. Thanks for your continued support, we are doing are best to get back up and running sooner than later.


We are continuing to balance clean up in the workshop with trying to get out orders that we had in house before the fire and get our machinery repaired and running. We are making good progress. Thank you to everyone who have supported us through this with your help, be it with prayers or your time or with financial assistance. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

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Beaver Bill Forging Works is operated by Blacksmith/Artist Bill and Becky Keeler. We make reproduction 17th and 18th Century Edge Weapons including throwing tomahawks, pipe tomahawks, ranger tomahawks and throwing knives. Our work is prized by private collectors and museums throughout the United States. All items are hand forged and can be used as display pieces or as working tools. Please enjoy viewing the website and contact us with any questions. Orders for custom items are always welcomed! Call 513-756-1983

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