1750 – 1760 Pipe Hawks

Tapered handle drilled for smoking

Beaver Bill Pipe Tomahawks are available with a variety of options. The head can be totally finished or with forge marks left on the blade. Another option is to have a head that is "un-finished" giving a very old and aged look. A "Hi-Carbon" bit insert is a good option if you plan to use your Pipe Hawk for chopping and want a more durable edge. Osage, Curly Maple and Curly Ash handles are standard.

Pipe Bowl Detail

1750 English Pipe Hawk

1750 English Pipe Hawk

1750 Pipe Hawk

1750 Sheeps Foot Spontoon Pipe

This Pipe Hawk is pictured with a smooth blade and a curly ash handle.
This Pipe Hawk is pictured with forge marks left on the blade to add character and an aged look, pictured with a curly hickory handle.
Some people prefer the rustic look of this Pipe Hawk with it's heavy forge marks and hammered texture, pictured with curly maple handle.
This unusual Pipe Hawk has forge marks left on the blade and is pictured with a curly ash handle.

1750 French Pipe Hawk

1760 French Pipe Hawk

This Pipe Hawk has a round bowl that is characteristic of the French style of 1750
This Pipe Hawk features one of the more beautiful heads of all the Beaver Bill Hawks with many rounded curves and scallops typical of the 1760 French style
Add $50.00 for High Carbon Steel bits for pipe hawks
Make any of these pipe hawks “fancy” by adding inlaid pewter handles and scalp locks. See our Fancy Pipe Hawk page for details.