Frequently Asked Questions

 What type of metal is used?

All Tomahawks are hand forged out of 4140 Carbon Alloy Steel except for Pipe Tomahawks & Throwing hawks.  Throwing hawks & Knives are made out of Spring Steel.  Scalping knives are made out of L6 saw blade steel.  They are all hardened & tempered for durability. 

All Pipe Tomahawks are hand forged from black powder rifle barrels which is the same process as the traditional 18th century blacksmiths used.  All Pipe Tomahawks come with the option of a forge-welded High Carbon Bit in the blade for an additional $50.00 The High Carbon Bit option is only available for Pipe Tomahawks 

Are all items functional and made to use?

Yes, all items are made to be used or displayed as desired.

 Can extra handles for throwing hawks be purchased?

Yes, currently extra handles are $8.00 each.

 What is the head weight, cutting edge length and handle length of throwing hawks?

These are approximate since all items are hand forged and unique. The head weight is 12-14 ounces for Premium and Standard and 7-9 ounces for Mouse Hawk and Thin Line, cutting edge length is 3-4 inches, and the handle length is 19 inches.

How do I take care of my new Beaver Bill Pipe Hawk?

If you are displaying your Pipe Hawk all you would need to do is dust it off occasionally and coat with a light layer of any good gun oil or something like 3 in 1 oil. A very light coat over the metal and wood should keep any corrosion at bay. Wiping off after every time someone handles the hawks is a good idea also.

I just bought a new Beaver Bill Throwing Hawk, now what do I do?

My friends over at have put together a website with a lot of very helpful information about getting started throwing tomahawks including how to make targets, what kind of wood is best for the blocks, how to make target stands and so on.

Who made the photographs for your website?

Thanks, most of the photos were created by Ron Rack over at If you are a small independent business or craftsman/artist and think that great photos of your stuff might help your sales, give him a call, that is his specialty.

 If you have any other questions, please give us a call. Our phone number is 513-756-1983.