The Mighty Mouse Hawk

The Mighty Mouse Hawk is a collaborative effort between Beaver Bill Forging Works with valuable design input from our friends at It is a slightly larger and heavier version of the already popular Beaver Bill Mouse Hawk. More like a cross between our Standard Throwing Hawk and the Mouse Hawk. For those who like the size of the Mouse Hawk but would prefer a little more weight and heft. Very nicely balanced with just the right feel for a good all-around tomahawk throwing performance. A handsome new profile with a sweeping upward curve ground into the bottom of the blade as it leaves the handle. This hawk could also double as a nice belt axe too. The double “M” stamped into the face next to our traditional Beaver Pelt stamp lets you know that this a genuine hand-forged Beaver Bill Mighty Mouse Hawk.  Comes with standard throwing tomahawk handle. Get yours today.

Handle Length: 16″

Cutting Edge: 3.25″

Cutting Edge to Handle: 4.25″

Weight: Approx. 17 ounces

Price: $75

Optional Blade Cover: $10 (will fit any Beaver Bill Throwing Hawk or up to a 4″ blade)

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