Hammer Polls, Spike Hawks, Belt & Bag Axes

All these items come with your choice of Curly Maple, Curly Ash, Osage, or Hickory handle. They are all hand forged from 4140 bar stock and have been hardened & tempered for durability.


Hammer Poll

Spike Hawk

Belt Axe

Bag Axe

The Hammer Poll's head has a 3'' to 4'' blade and is 6.5" to 7.5" from blade to hammer face. 19" handle.
The Spike Hawk's head has a 2.5'' to 3'' blade and is 8" to 9" from blade to spike tip. 19" handle.
The Belt Axe's head has a 2.5" to 3'' blade and is 5" to 6" from blade to hammer face. 14" handle.
The Bag Axe's head has a 2'' to 2.25'' blade and is 3.75" to 4.5" from blade to hammer face.


The Encounter

The Encounter is the tomahawk featured on the art print by Andrew Knez. Now available without the art print. The head is 7 1/2" and is pictured with a 19" curly hickory wood handle.

“The Ranger Hawk” features a 19″ handle, 3″ cutting blade and is 8″ from blade edge to spear tip. Pictured with curly ash handle.


Hammer Poll